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2018 California Dreamin' Night

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Our non-profit organization plans & conducts an evening of entertainment for California Cadets attending the USAF Academy. Therefore, we would like to solicit a charitable donation to help make this happen.

We greatly appreciate your support of these hard working, outstanding young men & women from the great state of California. This event recognizes cadets from California & their commitment to serve our country as officers in the USAF.

All proceeds will be used directly to support the cadets.


Of our $5000 goal funded





Suggested Giving Levels


Helps with sponsoring the Cadets "goodie bags".


Helps with facility logistics and expenses.


Helps with door prizes and awards.


Greatly supports the entire event & expenses.

What we're up to

  • Kurtis Yeager donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • Herb and Christine Loo donated "Love to support our CA Cadets. Class of 2020 Challenge! Match this! As an employee,Boeing will match our $120.20!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Shane Leverenz donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • Sarah Leverenz donated "Class of 2019....STRONG!!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Elizabeth Lisec donated "From the Lisec's up north! Our DD c/o 2020 said it was a fabulous event last year! Thanks for all you do!!" - via Rocio Watkins
  • Mark & Annette Stangl donated "Thank you for recognizing the cadets from CA & their hard work and commitment to serve! " - via Mark Chadwick
  • Donna & Greg Econn donated "Sending warm Southern California vibes to all of the Cali Cadets!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • PJ & Chris Zirkle donated "Thank you for supporting the Cali cadets!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Shawn Shaw donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • CDN 2017 - it was all smiles.....

    At the California Dreamin' night this past January 2017, it was all smiles, lots of laughter, and plenty of excitement as the cadets enjoyed a delicious meal from BJ's, won some fabulous door prizes, and enjoyed some friendly but competitive games. Here's to making the 2018 event even more wonderful!

  • Lisa Reed donated "Half-way through, Class of 2019!! Stay strong! Conquer mind, conquer ALL! " - via Rocio Watkins
  • Claire Boyd donated "From beautiful NorCal. Class of 2020 and 1979! 😊" - via Rocio Watkins
  • Karmen Del Pinto donated "Thanks for all you do! " - via Mark Chadwick
  • Sandra Lawrence donated "2019 Strong!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Kathleen Arnold donated "My cadet so enjoyed last year's event. Thanks for all you do!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Cadets, door prizes, and so much more

    It was all smiles as these cadets certainly had a grand time at our Inaugural CDN this past January 2017, Please consider making a donation as we'd like to warm up the cold and wintry days at USAFA for all of the California Cadets.

  • Bruce Akers donated - via Rocio Watkins
  • Danielle Pittman donated "Looking forward to another fun event! " - via Mark Chadwick
  • Shawn and Susan Bierle donated "SoCal...let's do this! " - via Rocio Watkins
  • Julie Miller donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • Mark Chadwick donated "2018 California Dreamin'" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Welcome to California Dreaming at USAFA

    It may be cold in January in Colorado Springs but it's always a California Dreamin' experience with our fantastic Cadets!

  • Mark achieved Elite Diamond Fundraiser status by raising $1,000 for the club.

  • Mark leveled up to Elite Platinum status by capturing $250 in donations for the club.

  • Mark became an Elite Gold Funrdaiser by closing the deal with 10 club donors.

  • Boingo Wireless donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • Leone Cruz donated "From the Central California Parent's Club " - via Mark Chadwick
  • Mitchell Nadler donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • Janice Clark donated - via Rocio Watkins

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