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2018 California Dreamin' Night

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Our non-profit organization plans & conducts an evening of entertainment for California Cadets attending the USAF Academy. Therefore, we would like to solicit a charitable donation to help make this happen.

We greatly appreciate your support of these hard working, outstanding young men & women from the great state of California. This event recognizes cadets from California & their commitment to serve our country as officers in the USAF.

All proceeds will be used directly to support the cadets.


Of our $5000 goal funded





Suggested Giving Levels


Helps with sponsoring the Cadets "goodie bags".


Helps with facility logistics and expenses.


Helps with door prizes and awards.


Greatly supports the entire event & expenses.

What we're up to

  • Shane Leverenz donated
  • Sarah Leverenz donated "Class of 2019....STRONG!!"
  • Elizabeth Lisec donated "From the Lisec's up north! Our DD c/o 2020 said it was a fabulous event last year! Thanks for all you do!!" - via Rocio Watkins
  • Mark & Annette Stangl donated "Thank you for recognizing the cadets from CA & their hard work and commitment to serve! " - via Mark Chadwick
  • Donna & Greg Econn donated "Sending warm Southern California vibes to all of the Cali Cadets!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • PJ & Chris Zirkle donated "Thank you for supporting the Cali cadets!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Shawn Shaw donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • CDN 2017 - it was all smiles.....

    At the California Dreamin' night this past January 2017, it was all smiles, lots of laughter, and plenty of excitement as the cadets enjoyed a delicious meal from BJ's, won some fabulous door prizes, and enjoyed some friendly but competitive games. Here's to making the 2018 event even more wonderful!

  • Lisa Reed donated "Half-way through, Class of 2019!! Stay strong! Conquer mind, conquer ALL! " - via Rocio Watkins
  • Claire Boyd donated "From beautiful NorCal. Class of 2020 and 1979! 😊" - via Rocio Watkins
  • Karmen Del Pinto donated "Thanks for all you do! " - via Mark Chadwick
  • Sandra Lawrence donated "2019 Strong!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Kathleen Arnold donated "My cadet so enjoyed last year's event. Thanks for all you do!" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Cadets, door prizes, and so much more

    It was all smiles as these cadets certainly had a grand time at our Inaugural CDN this past January 2017, Please consider making a donation as we'd like to warm up the cold and wintry days at USAFA for all of the California Cadets.

  • Bruce Akers donated - via Rocio Watkins
  • Danielle Pittman donated "Looking forward to another fun event! " - via Mark Chadwick
  • Shawn and Susan Bierle donated "SoCal...let's do this! " - via Rocio Watkins
  • Julie Miller donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • Mark Chadwick donated "2018 California Dreamin'" - via Mark Chadwick
  • Welcome to California Dreaming at USAFA

    It may be cold in January in Colorado Springs but it's always a California Dreamin' experience with our fantastic Cadets!

  • Mark achieved Elite Diamond Fundraiser status by raising $1,000 for the club.

  • Mark leveled up to Elite Platinum status by capturing $250 in donations for the club.

  • Mark became an Elite Gold Funrdaiser by closing the deal with 10 club donors.

  • Boingo Wireless donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • Leone Cruz donated "From the Central California Parent's Club " - via Mark Chadwick
  • Mitchell Nadler donated - via Mark Chadwick
  • Janice Clark donated - via Rocio Watkins
  • October is here..... the count down is on....

    Our collective efforts are paying off ... literally... not only are we raising funds for this event, we are securing gifts and prizes... keep up the good work and continue spreading the word. Please have your CADET get involved and sign up as a TEAM Member.

  • “An anonymous donation was made - via Mark Chadwick

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